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Private Lesson


Sharing my experience and knowledge that I received from great teachers is what I am passionate about. By learning piano pedagogy at USC and constantly researching effective ways to teach how to play piano, my former students have exploited in their performances. I believe in a progressive approach to play piano based on understanding of harmony and arrangement of the music. Through interactive workshops, my students keep their enthusiasm about music learning and build their confidence. From preparation of ABRSM&CM exams to international competitions, I can teach and give guidance to my students based on my own experience. With my background working as a piano instructor at USC, Oberlin conservatory and as an adjunct faculty in the piano department of NYU, I can bring in the experience and the quality that each school provides during my lessons. I have taught more than 300 students in private and group lessons. One to one private sessions are for anyone from beginners to a professional level covering the Greater Los Angeles area. Online teaching is a very effective way to complement traditional learning and is also available on demand to overcome geographic barriers. 

As a piano instructor, I agree that the healthy competitiveness fostered by piano competitions goes beyond musicianship to teach valuable life lessons, improve motivation, and promote creativity.

By encouraging my students to compete, they will greatly advance their musical abilities and will learn lessons that will encourage excellence throughout their lives.

 JJ Music Academy produced numbers of prize winning students including,   

Orbetello International Piano Competition (Italy) 2022 and 2023
Verona International Piano Competition (Italy) 2022

WPTA International Piano Competition (Spain) 2022
Franz Liszt International Piano Competition (Spain) 2023
Odin International Piano Competition (Estonia) 2023
Paul Badura-Skoda International Piano Competition (Vienna) 2023
Aegio International Piano Competition (USA) 2023
Carles & Sofia International Piano Competition (Spain) 2023

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