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Accompany to movie/commercial music recording

As a former accompanist at Mannes School of Music, I collaborated with numbers of renowned vocalists, choirs, professional musicians and other artists. As an experienced accompanist, I respond sensitively to performance elements such as tempo, phrasing, and interpretation. I have deep interest in collaboration and education with an ability to teach and monitor a student’s performance while playing. Also, I have completed more than 20 recitals with various singers. As much as I love playing solo as a concert pianist, I love to work together and support other musicians to shine!


There is a high demand for classical music to be used in movies or TV commercials. The beauty of classical music is that it has the legacy and tradition fused with innovation of different artists. As a classical pianist living in Hollywood, my passion is to find new ways to make the genre more relevant amidst calls for diversity and the dawning of the new generation. Through the use of media and technology, I want to bring classical music closer to the general audience in Los Angeles.

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